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Preparing for a trip

I always do some research before going on a trip. I love to find great local places to eat, and I try to avoid the tourist traps.

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Idéer til en tur til Barcelona

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Barcelona er en arkitektonisk utroligt spændende by (ikke kun for fans af Gaudi!), der er parker og strand, og så byder den på ganske god shopping. Barcelona er en af de byer, der egner sig til både familietur, kærestetur eller tøsetur.

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Tips and tricks for Barcelona

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Barcelona is an interesting city to visit, not just for fans of Gaudi, but for everyone interested in architecture. If you are not interested in architecture the city offers nature, beaches, good food and shopping. It is one of those cities that has something to offer both families, couples and friends who likes shopping and clubbing.

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Travel Guides

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Whenever I come home from a trip and find out that I have not another planed, I want to plan one. And free travel guides are a great way to get inspiration.  Læs resten

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Gratis rejsebøger

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Årets sidste planlagte rejse er jo netop overstået, og jeg har heller ikke flere oppe i ærmet, hvilket altid gør mig ærgerlig, men nu har jeg fundet noget godt at få tiden til at gå med, mens jeg venter: gratis rejsebøger! Læs resten

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Tips and Tricks for Zagreb

I have finally moved on with my project of ticking off the capitals of Europe (see more about that here). This time I went to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. I really enjoyed my stay in the city, so here is a post with tips, tricks and recommendations:  Læs resten

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What to bring: hand luggage

This is a list of the things I normally bring with me on the plane, if I have checked in luggage as well. I will do another post about only bringing a carrie-on.
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